Individual Counseling


Our clinicians offer an empowering client-tailored experience to adults of all ages in a manner that not only embraces a judgment-free, open, and motivating environment, but also a safe space for you to share, be healed, grow, and be free

Couples & Family


Our clinicians provide you with a safe and understanding environment to work out both couple and family issues. Couples experience an objective approach; giving both partners an opportunity to share and grow while families explore issues and reconnect



Our clinicians can add Christian Counseling to all services provided to both adults and children through a skilled integration of mental health counseling and spirituality via the incorporation of Christian principles, beliefs, and practices

Welcome to The River...

Welcome! You are not here by accident. You are here because you are brave, you are powerful, and you have purpose. Finding the courage to ask for help can be one of the most difficult steps you can take and you're taking it. No, change doesn't come easy, and how we all wish we could wake up on the other side of a miracle where life would be perfect. Sometimes, we may not be able to change our situation, but what we can do is change ourselves for our situation. Allow one of our skilled clinicians to partner with you to bring about the positive change you've been looking for to take control of your life. It's time for you to live, and to live to the fullest!

Child & Teen Counseling

Our clinicians are fun, encouraging, and skilled in teaching children and teens tools to address concerns; helping them to become calm and confident in body and mind as they grow. We support parents; their rules and expectations and work as a team to support all youth