River In Eden Counseling, LLC

Judy is a licensed associate counselor (LAC) who obtained a masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Montclair State University. In addition to her vigorous and extensive training, she has also received international training as a counselor in South Africa. These learning experiences have contributed to her understanding of human growth and development. She has experience with issues such as perfectionism, obsessiveness and OCD, fears, grudges, depression, anxiety, social skills development, career counseling and more.

Judy uses an eclectic approach to counseling in order to be flexible to her client’s needs. She primarily implements cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques to help clients shift unhealthy mindsets that negatively affect their feelings and behavior. She also uses the psychodynamic approach to help clients look back and bring self awareness to past issues that may be affecting their current situation. Judy seeks to provide a safe space for her clients to process pain and process the totality of their experiences; holding space for the expression of feelings, thoughts, and emotions along the way.

Judy Waweru, MA, LAC

Mental Health Therapist